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AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.3

AmoK DVD Shrinker shrinks DVDs up to one fifth of the original size
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AmoK DVD Shrinker is a free and fast tool to convert your double-layer DVDs into smaller high-quality video files that you can then burn into a single-layer recordable DVD disc. You can shrink the whole DVD or just the main film in it, and customize the output files to fit either a 2.5 Gb or a 4.7 Gb disc. This efficient software uses the open source ShrinkTO5 DLL for high-end results.

Once an unprotected DVD is selected (this tool does not read VIDEO_TS files from a hard drive), AmoK DVD Shrinker will give you an estimate of the space required to shrink either the whole disc or just the movie. When the “Whole DVD” option is selected, the program will make an exact replica of the original structure of the DVD, including all menus, languages, subtitle streams, extras, chapters, etc., thus preserving all the navigability of the original disc. When “Movie Only” is selected, then you are given the possibility of including all the languages available for the movie or just one of them.

AmoK DVD Shrinker has no burning capabilities. It creates a VIDEO_TS folder that you can later use with your preferred burning software to create a DVD-R backup copy. When the whole conversion process is finished, you are offered the possibility of creating an ISO file that will substitute the video folder.

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